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A 2 Day Program that embeds a coaching methodology for the leaders and managers of people. Participants learn the practical yet soft skills of coaching people through periods of change and a series of tools that can be used to develop and evolve their people according to their individual needs, differences and styles. This program provides a tangible coaching system based on an understanding of the psychology that drives behaviour in the workplace; improves goal-orientated results; avoids the traps of coaching others in a style you prefer; and taps into the individual’s motivation in order to inspire better performance. It provides a kit of practical tools to manage and influence the behaviour of those that report to you. It serves up proven and practical tools to work more effectively with people limiting beliefs or values hierarchy.


What’s Included:

  • Understand the underlying values systems that drive the way people act and react
  • Learn a conversational tool to assist people to adjust their ‘values hierarchy’ and place more ‘value’ on the important things
  • Explore the four roles you need to play as a coach which vary according to the person’s desire and capability
  • Learn and understand the change pathway and how to navigate people through periods of diversity and change
  • Complete an instrument to discover what motivates you and others, particularly applicable with recruitment and retention
  • Explore the ‘7 Universal Life Requirements’ as they apply to managing change, improving morale and staff retention
  • Learn a four-step process to build rapport, motivate interest and minimise resistance
  • Learn and practice a simple way to conversationally assist others to re-wire limiting beliefs

“It is rare to find a mentor and coach to senior leaders – Enrich and Ian Stephens has had a profound effect on our top two leadership tiers. Robust tools and practical strategies complete with engaging facilitation and delivery.”

- Peter Langworthy – Managing Director – DANA Australia

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enRich has over two decades experience in delivering training programs and on-going coaching programs across 29 countries in the areas of sales-force effectivenesssales training, culture transformation, change management, managing disruption, consultative selling skills, high performing teams and negotiation skills.