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HPT is a 3-months online coaching program which puts the team in the drivers’ seat, and fast-tracks the desired team culture required to get traction and results. Is this you? You:

  • Are a team leader or manager who wants to bring a new team together fast? The business needs this team to ‘fire’ cohesively, or
  • Have an existing team which is not performing or is ‘stuck’; they need a team intervention that shakes off the dross and reignites the team?

And put bluntly, if this team doesn’t get its act together fast, it will reflect on your personal brand as their leader. The good news is: it’s not too late. Change is always possible and it starts right here and now. The HPT Process gets the team to determine the team culture they want compared to what they have, and gives them permission to design and implement a high performing team culture – the one required to drive the delivery of the results.

What’s Included:

During our time together, the team will …

  • Learn the 4 Pivotal Principles of high performing teams
  • Participate in several Interactive workshops where they enagage in determining the key SHIFT required in the team culture
  • Understand how to come together fast and maximise results
  • Understanding the power of clarity in vision, roles and responsibilities


“Regardless of where my career takes me, I always bring in Ian and his High Performance Team training because it creates an immediate shift in attitude, behaviour and results. I have been amazed at what can be achieved in a short period of time.”

- GM, Transformational Change - MetLife Australia

Overview of High Performing Teams (HPT)

Online HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS (HPT) Coaching Program

What’s inside the Online HPT Coaching Program?

You get:

  • 12 x Weekly Modules for the team to participate in
  • 2 x half-day ‘live-stream’ workshops
  • 3 x monthly 60-Minute webinars with the team joining in from their own desk
  • Customised/Tailored to your Industry / Business to ensure the team created the ‘High Performance Team’ culture required to drive the outcomes and results.

Culture doesn’t change … people do! Let the HPT process create a shift in the individuals and align them to implement the plans which will create the results.

In just 3 months HPT will shift the dynamics of the team to one conducive to achieving the desired outcomes. Instead of struggling to get the team enthused about the future, you can look forward to:

  • An engaged team who wants to come to work on Monday
  • Improved ‘engagement survey’ scores
  • Enhanced team performance through leveraging our proven HPT methodology
  • Proven tools, techniques and systems that will shift the team culture
  • Less stress and worry because you’re team is enaged and passionate about making the results happen.


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