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Enrich Your Senior Leaders

H.R. Surveys Continue to confirm that 1 in 3 of your employees are actively searching for a job elsewhere… and most people don’t leave the organisation – they leave their one – up – leader!

Every team member has a ‘discretionary effort reserve’ – whether they tap it or not comes down to the quality of their leader.

Engaging your team in order to amplify their productivity and results may just be your ?1 priority.

Enrich partners with clients to enrich your organisations senior leaders capability. We are not about standard front-line leadership; our focus is on providing.

Advanced leadership insights, skills and strategies which enable leaders to

  1. Engage and inspire their people
  2. Influence and care more effectively, and
  3. Amplify their communication skills with advanced tools

“It is rare to find a mentor and coach to senior leaders – Enrich and Ian Stephens has had a profound effect on our top two leadership tiers. Robust tools and practical strategies complete with engaging facilitation and delivery”

Peter Langworthy – Managing Director – DANA Australia

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