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Enrich Your Sales Results

Here’s what Senior Executives and Sales Leaders, spanning 28 countries are saying to us…

Landing the Revenue result is imperative. It’s a non- negotiable.

How can I sleep in bed at night knowing!

  1. Our sales leaders are inspiring and coaching their teams
  2. Sales people are doing enough activity in alignment with the sales and marketing director
  3. Our key accounts are safe, and
  4. The revenue target will actually happen.

Over the last 2 decades Enrich has amassed 40.000 hours assisting clients to implement ‘Sales Force Effectiveness’ Strategies to amplify to revenue results.

All programs (or processes over time) are tailored to the client, including the missing piece; a robust implementation and ‘hand-holding’ process which ensures traction. The processes, tools and strategies become part of the sales team’s DNA.

“I have been to many sales courses over the years and this is the first time I have gained real practical steps to achieve my goals. You have given me direction that I was struggling to find.”

Rob Eldridge; Senior Account Manager, ARC – The Australian Reinforcing Company

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