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Enrich Your Sales Leaders

P = R – C
Profit = Revenue – Cost

Every sales leader knows this formula. It drives every business… and they feel an acute pressure to make the “revenue” piece of the formula to actually happen.

Enrich has worked with Sales Leaders across 28 countries who all struggle with the same questions;

  1. How can I coach and lead a group of eclectic sales professionals?
  2. I’ve done sales management 101 – where can I get leading edge distinctions so my team becomes a ‘rock-star’ sales team? And
  3. How do I install a common methodology and ‘SFE framework so we are all on the same page, and I can coach to that system?

Enrich has developed a tailor-able sales methodology called SFE³ – Sales-Force… Efficient, Effective, Energised. Click here for full details…

“…tailored to suit our business…supporting software templates and coaching kits for on-going use! Not to mention how engaging Ian is as a facilitator; becoming part of our business and a great resource for our sales leaders.”

Western Operations Manager – ARC

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