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Enrich Your Employee Engagement

“We have an engagement issue. Our people are not fully engaged” Recent quote from President – Pacific Operations. Leading Australian Manufacturer

One in three employees are actively looking for employment elsewhere. 60% of exit interviews confirm people don’t leave the organisation; they leave their one-up leader. Leaders, on average, are failing miserably! Most fail to engage their people. How do you feel about that? And how do leaders in your organisation rate?

The successful organisation are in fact O.A.R.ganisations; featuring a flatter, more nimble structure of networked and empowered high performance teams. Both the members and the leaders of these team take Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility for making the results happen. They recognise the team environment or morale is of their making, and not reliant on management. Collaboration across the teams is the norm.

One of the biggest challenges leaders face today, is “how do we tap and ignite the discretionary effort of our employees?”

Enrich specialises in designing and facilitating a proven results oriented process.
It includes a unique process where team-members, themselves, map the current reality versus the desired culture, then co-create the actions required. In essence the team members transcend engagement to accountability for the results achieved both at an individual and team level.

Created by Ian Stephens, founder of the enRich Training & Development (enRich), c³ is a proven process where ‘Inspired Leaders’ meet ‘Engaged Teams’ in order to drive financial and operational performance

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