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Enrich Your Company Culture

Jack Welch is quoted as saying “When the external change exceeds the internal change, the end is in sight!” In a rapidly changing market place, transforming the organisations culture, and navigating your people through the required transformation may be the most import work you do.

Technology continues to rapidly transform the way we connect, communicate and interact. Successful businesses also have to transform rapidly. They must also focus on the culture; given culture is a proven fundamental driver of operational and financial results.

Our global clients tell us their greatest challenge is getting ‘un-sticking’ teams and people stuck in the old ways. They are looking for a ‘results-based’ culture transformation process that created traction…fast!

At enrich, we have developed a completely tailor-able and modular approach to culture change, which we call c³ – C to the power of 3… Collaborate, Communicate and Co-create.

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“Within six months of undertaking the c3 transformational process we won ‘Life Insurer of the Year’ award. We now have an underwriting unit who are ‘best in industry’.”

Luke Banfield – Head of CS&O – Retail Life Division – TAL Australia

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